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NPGA Establishes Legal Action Fund

NPGA has established a Legal Action Fund to proactively combat illegal governmental overreach that seeks to eliminate energy choice. Recent and ongoing legal battles threatening the survival of the propane industry compelled the NPGA Executive Committee to devote significant, long-term resources to this fight.

The new Legal Action Fund will provide financial resources to use the court system to challenge illegal anti-energy choice laws, regulations, and policies at the federal, state, and local level. Recognizing the magnitude of the challenges the industry faces, NPGA is committing $1 million to launch these efforts now. NPGA will seek in the coming years to expand the pool to $2.5 million.

A 5-member Legal Action Committee—chaired by Tom Manson of Eastern Propane & Oil—will provide oversight to the Fund. The Committee will review formal requests for financial assistance for litigation or other legal action. NPGA General Counsel Ben Nussdorf will serve as staff advisor to the Legal Action Committee.