Entry Level Driver Training

Administrative Compliance Experts™: Steering Driver Training

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all new CDL- and HME-applicants to successfully complete theory and behind-the-wheel training before they can take a state’s CDL or HME exams. The requirement is called Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT).

NPGA’s Administrative Compliance Experts™ – known as ACE, is designed to assist companies in navigating ELDT’s red tape.

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Can ACE help me? Through ACE, the more than 30 steps required under the ELDT mandate can become 5 simple steps from start to finish.

  1. Sign up online

  2. Complete Online Knowledge Training

  3. Complete Onsite Behind The Wheel Training

  4. Submit to NPGA

  5. Take CDL Test

NPGA, as an FMCSA Registered Training Provider, can complete submission of all required materials to FMSCA on your behalf. Using NPGA’s ACE services shields you from FMCSA audit and ushers your new drivers through the education and training requirements. And ACE is available to the entire on-road community, not just the propane industry.

ACE is a fee-based administrative service provided by NPGA and separate from the ELDT training program. A company is not required to use ACE services; you may elect to access only the training materials. For more details, review the ELDT FAQ and Fee Structure documents.

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