NPGA provides the opportunity to strengthen the U.S. propane industry and the ability to shape industry positions through NPGA’s one-company-one-vote policy.

Be a Leader.

NPGA is led by companies big and small; it is a member-directed and member-led organization. NPGA priorities are defined by your business concerns.

Be Represented.

NPGA gives the industry a unified voice. It delivers your positions and concerns to decision makers. NPGA’s active advocacy programs at the state, local, and federal levels rely on scientific, economic, and legal analysis to support policy positions.

Be Informed.

365/24/7. What you need to know, when you need to know it, NPGA delivers news on the latest state, local, or federal regulations that impact your business decisions.

Be Connected.

2,400 NPGA members provide opportunities for new business development and networking at Propane Days, the Southeast Convention & International Propane Expo, Leadership Summit, and many other events throughout the year.

Be Safe.

For technical issues impacting the safe handling and use of propane, the NPGA Technology, Standards, and Safety Committee drives the code development process at the state, regional, and national levels.

Be Local and National.

Smaller companies with limited staff will find support statewide and in Washington. NPGA aligns with 38 state/regional associations that provide industry representation and track legislative and regulatory issues around the country.

Be Unified.

NPGA helps members meet the common goal to grow gallons by removing regulatory roadblocks to the use of propane as an energy solution in the low-carbon future. Propane is a tool in meeting clean energy goals.

Be Heard.

NPGA promotes the propane industry’s reputation through credible public communications and stakeholder outreach.

Be Supported.

The NPGA staff is a tool available to membership. Please use them. Reach out to staff members directly for questions and additional information.

Be Educated.

NPGA members’ children are eligible to compete for scholarships covering vocational training and college tuition through the National Propane Gas Foundation Scholarship Program.

Be a Recipient.

Utilize government funding to assist your business and your staff. NPGA’s comprehensive grant database allows companies of all sizes to maximize training and certification dollars.

Be Successful.

Business Councils provide a mechanism for companies that wish to improve their business, conduct advocacy, and research specific topics of interest to the propane gas industry. Three councils operate under NPGA’s umbrella, the Benchmarking Council, the Cylinder Exchange Council, and the Women In Propane Council.