Supply and Logistics

In 2022*, the U.S. exported more than 21 billion gallons of propane.

That’s enough to fuel more than 6 million fleet vehicles or 18 million homes.

U.S. exports of propane continue to rise annually.  These exports are critical because in some regions, propane is the only clean burning, viable,  energy source available. Additionally, domestically, there are expanding areas of propane use.

The National Propane Gas Association Supply and Logistics Committee (PS&L) and state associations communicate regularly with federal and state energy and transportation officials to discuss the current and expected conditions and demands for the efficient delivery of propane to homes, farms, and businesses.  The committee works year round – heating season through summer to best prepare and position propane marketers for the upcoming year.  Interested in participating in PS&L?  Contact Twana Aiken, Senior Manager, Industry Affairs.

* 2022 data are Jan – Nov.