Member Savings

NPGA is Working for You!

Thanks to your support, NPGA’s advocacy made billions of dollars’ difference since 2021.  NPGA outreach and advocacy pays off! The 2021/2022 savings are quantified below.





Fighting back - DOE and CPSC

NPGA is engaging with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Department of Energy to protect manufacturers and consumers of indoor cooktops and ovens.

15 Days, 47 States & D.C. Regional Waiver

NPGA worked with FMCSA to secure a 15-day Regional Emergency Declaration for Winter Storm Elliot to keep drivers driving.

$3.26 Million and 109 Propane School Buses

Under EPA’s Clean School Bus Rebates, school districts were awarded millions of dollars for the purchase of propane powered school buses.

First-ever funding for renewable propane

NPGA helped secure incentives for renewable propane production by advocating for an extension of the renewable diesel credits and the establishment of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel credit through 2024.  These incentives transition to the Clean Fuel Production Credit, a fuel-neutral production credit that renewable propane qualifies for from 2025-2027.

$29,195 in HMIT Grants

NPGA received PHMSA Materials Instructor Training (HMIT) grants.  The grants will be awarded for state and regional HAZMAT Train-the-Trainer Programs.

Supreme Court victory: Mandatory testing and face covers

Counsel representing NPGA and its coalition partners argued successfully before the U.S. Supreme Court for a stay on the Emergency Temporary Standard for COVID vaccination, testing, and face covering policies for all companies with 100 or more employees.

Fighting back against onerous DOE proposals

NPGA and its coalition partners are fighting back against 5 rulemakings at the Department of Energy that could devastate the propane market for furnaces, water heaters, and hearth products.

$60 Million for Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) Grants

NPGA successfully advocated for an additional $60 million to transition diesel vehicles like school buses to cleaner fuels, such as propane.