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Fueling the Future: Unpacking the 2023 Billion-Ton Report

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Bioenergy Technology Office’s (BETO) 2023 Billion-Ton Report illuminates the vast potential within the U.S. biomass resource sector, signaling a robust future for renewable fuels such as renewable propane/LPG, biodiesel, and renewable natural gas (RNG). This comprehensive analysis highlights the strides made in these sectors and paves the way for further growth and innovation.

Renewable propane and LPG are notably underscored in the report, with production reaching 4.4 million RINs-equivalent gallons. This key data point signifies the expanding market and the potential for renewable propane as a viable, sustainable energy source, encouraging industry stakeholders to engage with this burgeoning sector.

The report sheds light on biogas and renewable natural gas (RNG), with considerable production volumes indicating a ripe market for waste-to-energy initiatives. This sector provides a unique chance to turn waste management challenges into renewable energy solutions, aligning with federal sustainability goals while tapping into an expanding energy market.

Furthermore, the increasing interest in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) highlighted in the report indicates a sector ripe for innovation and growth, offering stakeholders an opportunity to engage in SAF production and contribute to global efforts to reduce aviation emissions.

The National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) remains committed to analyzing the renewable sector, providing up-to-date, actionable insights to support our members in navigating this evolving landscape. Understanding the intricacies of RNG, SAF, and biogas is crucial, especially since renewable propane/LPG naturally emerges as a byproduct in these production processes. By staying informed on these developments, stakeholders can be well-equipped to adapt, innovate, and thrive in the renewable energy sector.

To learn more about the report, click here. For questions or comments, please contact Twana Aiken, NPGA’s Senior Manager of Industry Affairs.