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2023 Clean School Bus Grant

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has $400 million dollars in funding to incentivize and accelerate the replacement of existing school buses with clean school buses, including propane buses. Propane buses are eligible for up to $35,000 per bus.

Eligible applicants under this grant include state and local governmental entities; eligible contractors; nonprofit school transportation associations; Indian Tribes, and Tribal organizations. Private school bus fleets cannot apply directly for funding. However, eligible applicants listed above can enter into a contractual arrangement with a private fleet that owns and operates buses to replace buses that serve a public school district. Application packages must be submitted electronically to EPA through by Tuesday, August 22, 2023.

Questions? Consult the Fight Electrification tab on your NPGA member dashboard for FAQs about the grant program, a template letter to send to eligible entities, or contact NPGA Director of Regulatory Affairs Kate Gaziano.