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NPGA Achieves Success with NFPA 59

Since the scope of NFPA 59 “Utility LP-Gas Plant Code” was changed in 2004 to include small LP-Gas jurisdictional piping systems of 10 or more customers, the propane industry has been attempting to limit NFPA 59 to only utility-operated systems, which are typically propane/air designs. NPGA argued that smaller LP-Gas-only systems should be within the scope of NFPA 58. NPGA has finally achieved that goal with the 2024 edition of NFPA 59, which is due to be published in August of this year. In addition, the requirements in NFPA 59 for testing relief valves every five years will be changed to include an option for maintaining and testing the relief valve in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, rather than a set 5-year periodic testing requirement. For more information, contact Bruce Swiecicki.