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NJPGA Launches Educational Media Relations Campaign

Bottom line: The New Jersey Propane Gas Association has launched an eight-month media relations campaign to educate New Jerseyans on the benefits of propane and the importance of maintaining their freedom to choose propane.

The campaign will focus on communicating with key reporters throughout the state, highlighting select key areas of an educational platform including:

  • Educating New Jerseyans on the New Jersey Energy Master Plan and the negative impacts it may have in store for consumers
  • Highlighting negative aspects of the New Jersey Energy Master Plan, such as its phase-out of the use of propane, a clean energy source
  • Highlighting cost comparisons between electricity and propane
  • Identifying case studies of consumers and businesses whose lives and livelihoods would be impacted by a dramatic increase in energy costs

NJPGA is partnering with Princeton Strategic Communications (PSC), an award-winning communications firm, to leverage their existing relationships throughout the state and drive coverage of our core educational initiatives.

The campaign will work with the largest media outlets in the state, from to New Jersey 101.5 FM, to ensure that New Jerseyans have a full understanding of the positive benefits of propane and the negative elements of the NJ Energy Master Plan.