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NIST Provides Details on Tare Weight Survey

Bottom Line: Details about the National Conference on Weights and Measures survey.

As mentioned last week, the National Conference on Weights and Measures is conducting a survey of tare weights on 20-pound propane grill cylinders. The following information is reprinted from the administrator’s site, which is the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NIST).  NIST Information on Tare Weight Survey

More details on the three phases of the project and how it is being implemented are in the following videos.

Phase I: Point of Pack.

NCWM Video – Plant * (6:07 minutes):  Shows how to collect data at the plant and compares the accuracy of the stamped tare weight to the actual tare weight of NEW and USED cylinders.  Point of Pack.

Phase II: Direct Sale Refilling Stations. 

NCWM Video – Direct Sale Refilling Locations* (2:47 minutes):  Shows the interview process to collect data at the Direct Sale Refilling Station only, documenting the Method of Sale, Price Posting and Filling Procedure.  Direct Sale Locations.

Phase III: Exchange Locations.

NCWM Video – Exchange Locations* (7:04 minutes):  Shows how to determine net weight compliance of 20 lb. cylinders and how to determine how much product consumers leave behind when performing a cylinder exchange.  Exchange Locations