NPGA Bobtail

NFPA 58 Revisions Underway

Bottom Line:  NPGA representatives were successful in seeking consideration on new piping materials and pipe purging procedures.

The NFPA Technical Committee on LP-Gas is meeting this week in Omaha to develop the Second Revisions to the 2020 standards. The results of this meeting will be balloted to the committee, so they are not final until that ballot completes. Included in that ballot will be approval for the use of a new piping material for underground liquid service, Reinforced Thermoplastic Piping. In addition, NPGA members and representatives have successfully introduced an alternative to current pipe purging procedures that were considered onerous. The NPGA proposal will rely upon purging procedures that PERC is working on.   For more information on these and other developments, please contact, Chief Technical Officer,  Bruce Swiecicki.