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NFPA 58 Development Continues

With the New Year came the latest milepost for the development of the 2023 edition of NFPA 58. First Revisions have been decided and posted at the website and the deadline for submittals of public comments has passed as of January 5. The current state of the 2023 edition can be viewed at the NFPA’s development platform “TerraView” at this link:  NFPA 58 First Revisions There are approximately 100 public comments that have been submitted to further modify the document.

Some of the key areas that NPGA has commented on include new provisions for public refueling of autogas propane vehicles; purging propane piping systems; and, a couple proposals that were developed through the Technology, Standards and Safety Committee which were held for further input from the public. The NFPA’s Technical Committee on Liquefied Petroleum Gases will be meeting sometime during the second quarter of the year to review and take action on all of the public comments that were submitted.  Contact Bruce Swiecicki for further information.