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Join NPGA’s Benchmarking Council

Bottom Line: Increase your bottom line, join Benchmarking. The NPGA Benchmarking Council provides a forum for propane marketers to discuss ideas with marketers who share the same challenges. The Council has grown over the past 27 years to include hundreds of members from all parts of the country. Currently, the Council has 110 members split up into 12 groups. And each group has space for new members.

Still don’t believe Benchmarking is worthwhile? Hear what some of your fellow members in the industry have to say.

“When I asked ‘What was the one best business decision I have ever made?’ my response was: Benchmarking!” – Brad Sullivan, Valley Farmers Supply

“Participating in the NPGA Benchmarking group has had numerous benefits for our company.  Everything from facilitating best practices to creating a positive impression on compliance auditors, our insurance company, and community are just a few of the benefits we’ve experienced.  We received a very favorable DOT audit as well as the 2022 Business Excellence Regional Chamber Award.  We have no doubt the resources and relationships we’ve developed with our group were significant in these achievements. We highly recommend the NPGA benchmark group.”Toni Powers, Powers Oil & Propane

“I always enjoy meeting other marketers from around the country and hearing how they skin the proverbial propane cat. I always come home from Benchmarking with a gold nugget or two to implement in our business to work safer, work more efficiently, or become more profitable.” Trevor Wendt, Wendt’s Propane and Oil

No doubt about it over the years I’ve never been involved with a business group like this. To talk about the most basic principles of this business, this industry is different and we all need help and knowledge of what people do in different ways…And then there’s the people, just getting to know some of the best people in the industry, words cannot express how much this means. It’s been EXTREMELY helpful to me and our company.Randy Sams, Sam’s Gas

The next Benchmarking Council meeting is March 9-10, 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Interested in visiting or joining? The first step is to submit your contact information here; you will be placed in a group that best suits your needs and avoids competitive conflict. For more information, contact NPGA’s Eric Sears.

Thank you to the sponsors of the Benchmarking Council: Bergquist Inc., Rural Computer Consultants, Cetane Associates and Tiger Payment Systems.