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ICC Approves NPGA Proposals

NPGA achieved significant successes at the recent ICC Fuel Gas code meetings, including substantial updates and clarifications to regulations that directly impact the propane industry. These revisions ensure that propane industry practices remain aligned with the latest safety and efficiency standards outlined in the 2024 edition of NFPA 58 “Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code.” Notable updates include accurate referencing of NFPA sections regarding smoking prohibitions near LP-gas containers and vehicles during filling operations, and enhanced guidelines on fire protection for large-capacity LP-gas storage installations. Another significant win removed the prohibition of open-flame propane appliances in assembly occupancies.

Most of the approved proposals enhance safety protocols without imposing additional construction costs. One proposal related to vegetation management around LP-gas tanks was not approved. NPGA will review and refine its approach to address the concerns raised during the discussion of that proposal.

For more information, contact NPGA’s Director of Codes and Standards Alex Smith.