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EPA Issues New Electric Car Regulation — NPGA Poised to Fight Back

On Wednesday, March 20, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a rule aimed at moving toward vehicle electrification by setting carbon emissions limits for cars, light trucks and SUVs that would decline gradually beginning in model year 2027. As NPGA President Steve Kaminsky wrote previously, the EPA’s alleged emissions reductions ignore source emissions and transmission losses, and to further stack the deck, most new and used EVs are eligible for hefty tax credits on top of billions in EV infrastructure giveaways at the expense of American taxpayers.

Already, Republican Sens. Pete Ricketts of Nebraska and Dan Sullivan of Alaska said Wednesday that they plan to introduce legislation to overturn this and related EPA regulations. As always, NPGA will examine its legislative, regulatory, and other options to join the fight and advocate for the propane industry.

For more information, contact Kate Gaziano, NPGA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs and Associate General Counsel.