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Comments Accepted on New UL Standard for Engine Fuel Systems

Bottom Line: Public comments are due May 17 on proposed new Joint US/Canada standard UL/ULC 1337, Standard for LP-Gas, Natural Gas, and Manufactured Gas Devices for Engine Fuel Systems.

This standard sets forth minimum requirements for the following types of devices for engine fuel system applications intended for use with liquefied petroleum gas (LP-Gas), natural gas, and/or manufactured gas: automatic shutoff valves – electrically operated or vacuum actuated (mechanical); combination manual/automatic shutoff valves – electrically operated or vacuum actuated (mechanical); carburetors or air-fuel mixers; regulators; vaporizers and vaporizer/regulators; filters and strainers; fuel locks and fuel-lock filters; fittings and connectors; quick connect couplings and quick closing couplings; liquid-level gauges; liquid-level control valves (also known as overfilling prevention devices); low-level sensor; relief devices; and, fuel control valves.

For more information or to submit comments, visit the UL website.