NPGA Bobtail

2023 NPFA Technical Meeting Update

NPGA submitted two Certified Amending Motions at the 2023 NFPA Technical Meeting. Certified Amending Motion 505-1 allowed for the filling of cylinders without having to remove the cylinder from the fork lift, reducing risk of injury to workers and limiting the risk of damaging fittings. Certified Amending Motion 58-7 returned the outlet pressure of the dispensing system for refueling propane-powered vehicles to 350 psig after it had previously been reduced to 312 psig. Testing confirmed that a discharge pressure at the outlet of the dispenser at 350 psig was successful. Both motions were successful and the Certified Amending Motions are now open for voting in the NFPA Ballot system for review and approval by the Technical Committee.  For further information, contact Alex Smith.