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Propane Days 365: An NPGA Membership Toolkit For Year-Round Advocacy

Propane Days 365 is a program to prepare NPGA membership not just for Propane Days – NPGA’s annual membership visit to Washington, DC – but for advocacy 365 days a year. The goal is to equip members with the information they need and plan opportunities for them to participate in propane site visits with local, state, and federal legislators and regulators.


Advocacy Toolkit

To help members prepare for advocacy at home, NPGA has created advocacy documents and resources to help educate legislators and regulators on key issues.  View the 2023 Legislative Briefs tab below to view NPGA’s current issues, or contact Michael Baker at [email protected].

Congressional Site Visit 

Ready to engage with your Members of Congress?  NPGA wants to make your visit a reality and a success.  View the Site Visits & Grassroots Tools tab below or contact Eric Sears at [email protected] to get started.

2023 Legislative Briefs

Federal Appropriations

Federal funding for research, development, and demonstration of various propane applications will help incentivize technological breakthroughs and establish the fuel’s reputation as a clean alternative to traditional fossil fuels in future legislation. In recent years, NPGA successfully advocated for federal funding for RD&D of propane technologies in the vehicle and building sectors. In FY2024, the Association is working to secure funds for vehicle engine technology, combined heat and power units, microgrids, and renewable propane. All four of these requests present opportunities for the propane industry to grow gallons and improve the nation’s emissions profile.

Legislative Issue Brief: Federal Appropriations

Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)

The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) is a duplicative and burdensome regulatory scheme overseen by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). CFATS does not provide a retail exemption for propane facilities, unlike other chemical safety regulatory schemes. As a result, CFATS creates artificial ceilings for propane storage, raises consumer prices, and limits supply potential during peak consumption. During the reauthorization process this year, NPGA will advocate for the CFATS program to conform to the regulatory requirements of other similar agency programs by excluding retail facilities.

Legislative Issue Brief: DHS CFATS Reauthorization 

Consumer Choice

Multiple federal regulatory authorities have taken actions that would eliminate consumer choice for their energy needs. Propane is a clean, affordable, and reliable domestic energy source for over five million households in America. NPGA will continue to advocate for the protection of consumer choice for access to propane and other conventional, fueled appliances, including gas stoves, furnaces, and water heaters, by supporting S. 1043, the Natural Gas Appliances Standards Act of 2023, and H.R. 337, the Guarding America’s Stoves Act.

NPGA Issue Brief: Gas Stoves 2023

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act, which authorizes the FAA and other programs critical to airports and the aviation industry, will play a crucial role this year as the multi-year bill expires on Sept. 30, 2023. The Department of Transportation (DOT) noted that propane is a readily available fuel used at numerous airports. Propane can be used in ground support vehicles and provide power generation, which can help bolster resiliency efforts at airports while also reducing emissions. NPGA is requesting that the Voluntary Airport Low Emission (VALE) and the Energy Supply, Redundancy and Microgrids programs continue to include alternative fuels like propane. Both of these programs ensure propane can provide economic, environmental, and resilience benefits to airports across the country.

NPGA Issue Brief: FAA Reauthorization 

Farm Bill 2023

Propane is a critical tool for farmers and ranchers across the United States, who are facing tighter margins every single day. Agriculture producers face lower net farm income due to inflation and rising input costs. By eliminating storage barriers for farmers and ranchers, and increasing collaboration, agriculture producers and rural America can benefit from such a change in flexibility. NPGA is requesting to provide an agricultural retail exemption from CFATS and codify propane’s inclusion into the Farm Storage Facility Loan Program. These requests will alleviate agriculture producers’ supply chain constraints and economic pressures by reducing barriers to propane storage at farms and ranches nationwide.

NPGA Issue Brief: Farm Bill 2023

National Defense Authorization Act

For over 60-years, Congress has passed the National Defense Authorization Act every year on a bipartisan basis. This bill authorizes nearly every aspect of the U.S. Department of Defense and is a fairly reliable indicator of congressional sentiment on subsequent appropriations for particular programs. As Congress looks to decrease emissions in all sectors, to include defense, while relying more and more on domestic supply chains, the propane industry is uniquely situated to make compelling arguments that both sides of the aisle are receptive to. NPGA is requesting a continuation and expansion of a pilot program that looked at the of alternative fuels, such as propane, for fleets and medium- and heavy- duty non-combat vehicles at domestic DoD facilities as well as investing in in propane powered primary and backup power generation.

NPGA Issue Brief: NDAA

Site Visits & Grassroots Tools

Site Visit Resources

Other Resources

Congressional Propane Facility Visits (January 2022- to Present)

  • Rep. Jerry Carl (AL-1) – Blossman Gas; Mobile, AL
  • Rep. Jeff Duncan (SC-3) – AmeriGas; Easley, SC
  • Rep. Mike Thompson (CA-4) – AmeriGas; Cotati, CA
  • Rep. Burgess Owens (UT-4) – Blue Flame Propane: Santaquin, UT
  • Rep. Daniel Webster (FL-11)- Blue Rhino; Tavares,
  • Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52)- Ferrell Gas; San Diego, CA
  • Rep. Mike Kelly (PA-16th)- AmeriGas; Mercer, PA
  • Rep. Andrew Garbarino (NY-2)- Blue Rhino, Bay Shore; NY
  • Rep. Adrian Smith (ND-3)- Westco Coop; Alliance, NE
  • Rep. Alma Adam (NC-12)- AmeriGas; Charlotte, NC
  • Rep. Bill Huizenga (MI-02)- AltoGas; Zeeland, MI
  • Rep. Matt Rosendale (MT-AL)- Cross Petroleum, Glendive, MT
  • Rep. Kelly Armstrong (ND-AL)- Fitterer Oil & Propane, Dickinson, ND
  • Rep. John Rutherford (FL-04) – Flo-Gas: Fernandina Beach, FL
  • Rep. Mike Simpson (ID-2) – ValleyWide Coop: Jerome, ID
  • Rep. Pete Stauber (MN-8) – Lakes Gas: Grand Rapids, MN
  • Rep. Greg Pence (IN-6) – AmeriGas: Osgood, IN
  • Rep. Robert Wittman (VA-1) – AmeriGas; Fredricksburg, VA
  • Rep. Mike Turner (OH-10) – McMahan’s Bottle Gas: Dayton, OH
  • Rep. Mike Rogers (AL-3) – Alabama Propane Gas Association
  • Rep. Randy Feenstra (IA-04) – Johnson Propane: Battle Creek, IA