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USDA Crop Progress Report

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Crop Report as of June 24, 2024, shows promising developments in corn and soybean emergence and planting, crucial information for the propane and renewable fuels sectors.

  • 98% of corn across the 18 states has emerged, which accounts for 92% of the corn acreage. Tracking corn progress is important for propane demand, as corn drying relies heavily on propane during the harvest season.
  • Soybean planting in the 18 states, representing 96% of the soybean acreage, has also continued with 99% already planted. This progress is vital for the renewable fuels industry, like biodiesel, where soybeans are a key resource.

Understanding these trends is essential for industry stakeholders preparing for the upcoming months. For a detailed view of the crop conditions and more specific data, please click here.

Questions?  Contact Kate Gaziano, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Associate General Counsel.