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TSA HazMat Endorsement Delay

Bottom Line: Plan ahead, expect delays in HazMat Endorsement processing.

NPGA has engaged with the Enrollment Services & Vetting Programs office within the Transportation Security Administration to raise the extensive delays that the propane industry is experiencing in the process for drivers to obtain HazMat Endorsements. TSA shared that the office is receiving an unprecedented volume of new and renewal applicants for HazMat Endorsements; a result of new drivers as well as the end of pandemic-related extensions. Nationwide, TSA is receiving 10% more HazMat Endorsement applications than ever before, and TSA is actively recruiting staff to handle the increases.

According to TSA regulations, all new and renewal applications are subject to the same recurring security assessment.  Any past issue with law enforcement – from minor to major – automatically triggers additional review.  Approximately 45% of renewal applications are subject to a second layer of security assessment due to past entanglement with law enforcement, even minor issues.  TSA recommends that renewal applicants submit their renewal applications 60 days prior to the expiration date to avoid lapse in their endorsement during TSA review.

TSA also shared that eight states elect to conduct security reviews and analysis independently of TSA.  These states are Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  For these eight states, applications are reviewed, screened, and then communicated to TSA, but ultimately, approval depends on the completed processing at the state level.  This unique process could delay applications by as much as 6 months.  TSA encourages HazMat Endorsement applicants in these eight states to actively check-in with the state offices to ask about the progress of their application.  Questions? Contact NPGA Vice President, Regulatory & Industry Affairs Sarah Reboli.