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Transport Companies Benefit From Using PLAN

The first cold snap of the season recently jump-started the heating season and transport companies are on the move delivering propane to bulk plants nationwide. Does your transporter use NPGA’s Propane Logistics Analysis Network (PLAN)? It is a free tool to make propane delivery more productive. PLAN can help drivers use their daily hours more efficiently and spend less time waiting in line, and more time delivering to your bulk plants.

Remind your transport drivers that reporting a wait time is more helpful than just viewing a wait time, as these submissions can show which terminals are experiencing delays and which ones are not. PLAN relies on you! Marketers, drivers, dispatchers, terminal managers, and wholesalers all play a part. It takes less than a minute to submit a wait time from a mobile device or desktop computer. Your use of PLAN will encourage others to use it too.

PLAN is available online at and through an update to the NPGAction app. To get the NPGAction app, visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Please note PLAN does not represent supply levels, pricing, or other market variables, and may be subject to error.

With your help and continued use, this tool will grow and provide timely information to the industry. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.