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The State of the Propane Marketplace – NFL Playoff Edition

In 2022, the U.S. propane industry reported retail sales of 9.84 billion gallons, an increase of 3.1% from 2021. Across the states, California was the largest market with 539 million gallons sold; Alaska was the smallest with 14 million. As the NFL postseason begins, let’s take a moment to see how NFL teams that represent different states compare from a propane marketplace standpoint.

Wild Card Round 

Ohio Propane Market


Gallons sold: 390 million

Retail accounts: 524,314

vs. Texas Propane Market


Gallons sold: 493 million

Retail accounts: 776,686

Florida Propane Market


Gallons sold: 219 million

Retail accounts: 473,906

vs. Missouri Propane Market


Gallons sold: 306 million

Retail accounts: 446,622

Pennsylvania Propane Market


Gallons sold: 371 million

Retail accounts: 596,946

vs. New York Propane Market


Gallons sold: 428 million

Retail accounts: 744,550

Wisconsin Propane Market


Gallons sold: 452 million

Retail accounts: 607,323

vs. Texas Propane Market


Gallons sold: 493 million

Retails accounts: 776,686

California Propane Market


Gallons sold: 539 million

Retail accounts: 780,082

vs. Michigan Propane Market


Gallons sold: 531 million

Retail accounts: 632,895

Pennsylvania Propane Market


Gallons sold: 371 million

Retail accounts: 596,946

vs. Florida Propane Market


Gallons sold: 219 million

Retail accounts: 473,906


We wish all NFL fans the best during this exciting month of playoff football. And regardless of the score on the field, propane will remain the winner off of it, as it continues to provide football fans everywhere with a clean, safe and cost-effective way to stay warm this winter. Now that’s something we all can cheer for.

For more information, contact NPGA’s Director of State Affairs, Jacob Peterson.