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Help in Planning Ahead for Peak Demand – Supply Webinar Series

Bottom line: Great Lakes Propane Convention Supply Panel encourages all members to plan ahead for peak demand.

Eric Sears, NPGA State Association Relations Manager, recently moderated a supply panel discussion at the Great Lakes Propane Convention.  Experts from across the industry sat on the panel, including JD Buss of Twin Feathers, Jason Akers of DHT Trucking, Joe Henry of CHS, Steve Kubsch of Growmark, and Max Strathman from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  Eric opened the session with a reminder of the planning resources available to all NPGA members on the NPGA Member Dashboard under the supply tab.  These include but are not limited to the ABC’s of Supply, Preparing for Peak Demand, inventory reports, and white papers.

All of the experts discussed the need to plan ahead for peak demand, including securing your supply, adding storage capacity, and coordinating with your transportation company. Discussions about propane exports and the relationship to crude and natural gas prices were also major topics of interest to attendees.  For more information on exports and supply topics, please refer to the Inventory Trends reports available on the member dashboard, which are updated regularly.  Max Strathman gave an overview on the type of information, such as wait times at supply points, FMCSA reviews when considering an hours of service waiver for multiple states. With this in mind, wait times at supply points can be reported and viewed using NPGA’s PLAN tool, which is accessible at or through the Google and Apple App stores as NPGAction.

Finally, the panel agreed that a strong supply plan includes open and frequent communication with your suppliers, transportation providers, and storage assets. This dialogue will help members be more prepared for the challenges associated with peak demand.

NPGA Supply & Logistics webinar series:

Agriculture Outlook, August 18, 2:00pm ET Register in advance.

Preparing for Peak Demand, September 7, 2:00pm ET, Register in advance

For more information, contact NPGA’s Eric Sears.