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Residential Propane Consumption

As we all know, a healthy propane industry depends on a healthy residential sector. In 2022, residential consumption accounted for 53% of all gallons sold. Notably, this sector of the market often provides the bedrock demand that many retailers rely on to keep their doors open. In the U.S., the typical household using propane for residential applications consumes 35.4 million Btu of energy, or approximately 387 million gallons of propane, each year.

Of course, household propane consumption is not evenly distributed across the country. In fact, it ranges from a high of 84.9 million Btu (928 gallons) annually in Wyoming, to 9.4 million Btu (103 gallons) in Hawaii. Factors including geography and the characteristics of housing stock all impact overall residential propane consumption.

For additional information and materials on residential propane applications, visit the House Use section on PERC’s website. For more information, contact NPGA’s Director of State Affairs, Jacob Peterson.