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Renewable Fuels Committee Moves Forward

One significant development in the propane industry is renewable propane and blends. Renewable propane is produced from sustainable feedstocks, such as biomass and waste materials, making it a greener alternative to traditional propane. This innovation aligns perfectly with sustainability goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting circular economy principles.

In recognition of the pivotal role that renewable fuels play in the future of the propane industry, NPGA established the Renewable Fuels Committee (RFC), a dedicated group of industry experts and advocates. The primary mission of this committee is to identify and spearhead advocacy-related activities aimed at increasing the production and adoption of renewable fuels within the propane industry and global energy transition. Through close collaboration and strategic initiatives, this committee is facilitating a market for businesses and consumers alike to access renewable propane.

One key focus area is exploring an expansion of the EPA’s RFS heating oil definition to encompass renewable propane, thereby promoting its use as a greener energy source. The committee also is closely monitoring federal appropriations, such as the Natural Gas Act of 2023, which offers financial incentives to support renewable fuel initiatives. An exciting milestone for RFC was the inclusion of renewable propane in the Department of Energy (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office’s funding program, specifically targeting Low GHG Concepts for Off Road Vehicles. This collaboration between PERC and NPGA signifies a concerted effort to advance the industry’s environmental sustainability agenda through research and funding initiatives, with a focus on leveraging renewable fuels for a greener future.

At the state level, RFC is delving into the landscape of low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) initiatives, identifying states that are increasingly environmentally conscious and mapping out potential opportunities.

As always, all are invited to attend the NPGA Board of Directors & Committee Meetings being held in Monterey. For more information about information on sustainability practices and programs impacting the propane industry or the RFC, contact Twana Aiken, Senior Manager of Industry Affairs at NPGA.