NPGA Bobtail

Remember: Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Charcoal on July 4th

As we gather to celebrate America’s Independence Day, many of us will attend outdoor cookouts with friends and family. The Fourth of July BBQ is the most quintessential of American traditions. And that BBQ should be powered by the most quintessential of American energy sources: propane. American propane production is at record levels, and the U.S. is the world’s leading propane supplier. Propane promotes energy independence, national security, and helps our country geopolitically.

Propane also does something particularly notable on the Fourth of July: it improves air quality. As we all know, due to the widespread use of fireworks on July 4th, particulate pollution is especially bad. To make matters worse, using a charcoal grill to cook your burgers and brats will produce large amounts of soot and particulate matter that will further diminish outdoor air quality. This extra pollution is harmful to human health, including our cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Not only will charcoal grills emit much more particulate matter than propane grills, but they also take longer to heat up and continue to burn even after people begin eating, which means this pollution is emitted for much longer durations too.

This Fourth of July, do right by your country and your local community and ensure clean-burning propane is the fuel of choice for your BBQ. For more information, contact NPGA’s Director of State Affairs, Jacob Peterson