NPGA Bobtail

RBN Energy Weekly Supply Update

Bottom Line: Inventories hover around 5-yr minimums.

RBN Energy analysis shows that U.S. propane stocks are at 63.6 MMbbl, which is below this time last year but slightly above the five-year minimum.

Inventories in the East Coast increased slightly while strong exports continue to leave Mariner 2. Inventories grew in the Gulf Coast as well, just above the five-year minimum but below this time last year. The Midwest increased inventory stocks to reach levels above this time last year and the 5-year minimum. The Rocky Mountain and West Coast inventories also experienced small increases; hovering around the five-year maximum.

Access the full weekly report to read more about the current inventory levels and likely causes, including the impact on exports of ongoing lock-downs in China and the geopolitical conflict in Europe.  Visit NPGA’s Inventory Trends section for the full weekly report, monthly report, and data analysis. Questions? Contact NPGA Vice President, Regulatory & Industry Affairs Sarah Reboli