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Propane Saves the Day for NPGA Staffer

On Friday, March 3rd, a strong windstorm blew through Kentucky, leaving four people dead and thousands without power – myself included. Once the winds subsided, my entire neighborhood was without power for nearly four days. Fortunately, I had a dual propane/gas generator on standby. I hooked up a propane tank up to my generator, popped some extension cords in, and was able to power the essentials in my home.

My propane powered generator allowed us to keep our food cold and our baby’s room warm. Whenever we needed to charge our phones or use an appliance, we simply plugged it in to an extension cord. Our neighbors came by to put food in our freezer and charge their phones. When the electrical grid is strained or downed by natural disasters that leaves thousands of residents without power, propane provides the additional resilience and reliability needed to keep essential appliances running in a clean and efficient manner.

Thank goodness for propane! For more information, contact NPGA’s Manager of State Affairs, Austin Wicker.