NPGA Bobtail

President’s Message

The Biden Administration has finally dropped its bomb on the propane industry—directly targeting gas-powered residential furnaces, water heaters, and other products.  The Administration (via the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency) is engaged in six separate rulemakings—using appliance efficiency standards as a backdoor mechanism to try to ban gas across the entire country.

For example, the DOE is proposing to require that residential furnaces have 95% efficiency measured at the site.  95% efficiency can’t be met by currently installed, non-condensing, gas furnaces.  So when those need replacing, a condensing furnace or heat pump must be purchased.  A condensing furnace can reach the efficiency, but requires costly venting reconfiguration, which will drive consumers to install heat pumps.

NPGA is fighting back feverishly.  We are bringing in sophisticated external experts—hired guns—to assist and using our war chest.  We are aligning with a number of trade associations, including those representing the natural gas industry.  We are using technical and regulatory mechanisms, and are poised to file one or more lawsuits against the DOE if needed.  In parallel, we have also brought in experts to pro-actively seek a shift of viewing emissions from site to source within the government.

While there’s no need to panic and we have many arrows in our quiver, we believe the industry should be aware of this fight we are being forced to wage on behalf of our membership.

Steve Kaminski, President & CEO