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Preparing for Winter Propane Demand

RBN Webinar: Bill and Todd’s Excellent Propane Adventure Recap

In a recent RBN webinar, industry experts Todd Root from RBN and Bill Marks from AmeriGas delved into the dynamics shaping the current propane market going into the winter heating season.  Key takeaways from the insightful discussion were pricing trends, regional highlights and conditions, production and exports, a recent propane production surge, and logistical considerations.

The placement of propane resources holds the key to success this winter season.  While production increases, it is important to pay attention to exports, which are rising as well.  Production seems to have fully recovered from Winter Storm Elliot setbacks and recently reach 1,972 Mb/d, while exports surged to approximately 1,538 Mb/d.  With production rising in most regions, some could have trouble if it is an unusually colder winter due to logistical challenges.  The webinar stressed the importance of paying attention to propane placement, rail transport availability, and potential disruptions in key routes.

In conclusion, the RBN webinar presented a comprehensive overview of the propane industry’s present state and its intricate interplay of pricing, regional dynamics, production and exports, and logistical considerations for the upcoming winter season.  Todd and Bill’s insights shed light on the industry’s challenges and opportunities, guiding stakeholders in their strategic decisions.

Missed the webinar? Access the replay here.  For more information on the webinar, please contact Twana Aiken, Senior Manager of Industry Affairs.