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Pivotal Role of Propane in Warehousing

In the November 6 episode of The New Warehouse podcast, Tucker Perkins, CEO of the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) shares insights about propane that could reshape how the warehousing industry thinks about energy.

Perkins notes that propane’s benefits—economic and environmental—pose a compelling case for its increased adoption. In distribution centers, particularly those operating at ports or locations with limited access to electricity, propane is more than just a fuel—it’s a solution. Perkins states, “Five years ago, I think we identified that distribution centers probably just didn’t have adequate access to electricity for what some of their needs are going to be.” This foresight has led to an innovative approach where propane not only powers traditional equipment but also supports the infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs).

The efficiency and cleanliness of propane, particularly in internal combustion engines like forklifts, often outperform electricity derived from coal-dependent grids, Perkins maintains. This insight is crucial for warehouse operators assessing their carbon footprint and energy strategies.