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PERC Hosts Renewable Propane Webinar

Throughout the country, thousands of suburban and rural communities are challenged to securing reliable, inexpensive and low carbon energy. Recent natural disasters and unexpected events show towns and unincorporated areas are vulnerable to long-term loss of power and are best served with multiple low carbon energy options. Renewable propane presents a real and cost-effective strategy to ensure that rural America can participate in the imperative to decarbonize.

Join the Propane Education & Research Council on November 3 at 1 p.m. for a webinar to learn more about renewable propane and its use in rural applications. The webinar is part of the Renewable Gas 360 Educational Series and features PERC’s Bryan Cordill, the Western Propane Gas Association’s Joy Alafia, as well as Tom Paine of ConSol and Robert Baldwin of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.