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NPGA’s Benchmarking Council

Bottom Line: Ready to Grow Your Business? Join NPGA’s Benchmarking Council Today!

Are you getting ready for winter? Think there are ways you could grow your business or be more efficient? NPGA’s Benchmarking Council can help! The Benchmarking Council provides opportunities for propane marketers to search for new ideas by comparing business practices with other marketers who share the same challenges. Discussion sessions are held three times per year, and are in small groups that are constructed to avoid competition conflicts in the marketplace. Topics for discussion are decided upon by members of each group and may include any aspect of the business such as personnel matters, business operations, financial practices, and bulk truck configuration.

The Benchmarking Council will meet next November 3-4 in Scottsdale, Arizona. And there are immediate openings in all groups! If you would like to visit a group in November, click on this link to provide your information for your guest visit. There will be a charge of $100 to cover expenses.

Want to join a group or visit the Council to see determine if membership is right for you? Please click here.  For more information, contact NPGA’s Eric Sears.