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NPGA Sues DOE over Regulation on Consumer Furnaces

On October 13, 2023, NPGA joined the American Gas Association and American Public Gas Association, suing the Department of Energy over its Final Rule for Commercial Water Heaters in the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals.  With the Monday, December 18 release of the DOE Final Rule on Consumer Furnaces, our coalition has sued the Department of Energy again.  NPGA will seek to consolidate the two cases along with a third suit on DOE’s Interpretive Rule, in which DOE decided not to have a separate product class for non-condensing appliances.  All three of these suits focus on whether DOE should have established a separate product class for non-condensing appliances under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act.  NPGA is consulting with outside counsel regularly to provide information and bolster arguments to protect consumer choice and preserve efficient appliances from government overreach and flawed regulations.

For more information, contact NPGA Director of Regulatory Affairs Kate Gaziano.