NPGA Bobtail

NPGA Proposals Considered at NCWM Annual Meeting

NPGA has submitted two proposals for consideration by the National Conference on Weights and Measures at its meeting next week.

  • LPG-23.1 is the first proposal, developed in collaboration with U-Haul International, and it proposes to exempt analog/mechanical dispenser meters that are used for multi-purpose container filling from having to be retrofit with automatic zero-setback technology.
  • LPG-23.2 is a NPGA proposal that would increase the timeout function on bobtail meters from three to five minutes. The timeout function automatically resets the meter to zero if no flow occurs for the specified time.

NPGA is also interested in supporting LPG-15.1, a proposal that would move the use of master meters for meter calibration, rather than volumetric provers, closer to reality on a national level.

For more information, please contact Bruce Swiecicki.