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NPGA Needs Your Opinion on FMCSA Special Exemption Request

Bottom Line: NPGA requests your input to direct a new advocacy effort that could provide the propane industry predictable flexibility during winter heating season.

Share your opinion on NPGA potentially requesting a Special Exemption from specific provisions of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Hours of Service regulations:

The survey deadline is COB Thursday, June 16th.

It is expected to become more difficult to obtain hours of service waivers in the coming winter seasons. Therefore, to better support the membership, NPGA is developing the concept of a Special Exemption to waive specific portions of the federal hours of service regulations during the winter heating season.

The main points of the concept are:

  • Extend the daily driving maximum to 14 hours (currently 11);
  • Extend the daily on-duty maximum to 17 hours (currently 14);
  • For up to six consecutive days;
  • October 1st – March 31st;
  • On the basis of an emergency as defined in the regulations (currently authorizes HOS waivers);
  • For a period of five years;
  • Available automatically without state or federal action;
  • Used at the discretion of the company on a per vehicle/driver basis;
  • Recordkeeping burden for the company to document conditions meeting the definition of emergency and the vehicle/driver that operates under the terms of the special exemption.

If successful in obtaining a Special Exemption, NPGA will provide companies with guidance on how to use it and maintain records, as required. If NPGA obtains a Special Exemption, it would be limited in scope to the transportation of propane – bobtail or transport – by any company during the specified period. Companies would not be obligated to utilize the Special Exemption.

Questions? Contact NPGA Vice President, Regulatory & Industry Affairs Sarah Reboli.