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NPGA Local Tracking Hits 200

The State Affairs team at NPGA tracks, on a weekly basis, municipal activity related to gas bans, electrification efforts and/or any policy that may have a negative effect on the industry’s market share. These include legislative ordinances, climate action plans, regulatory policies or code changes that have the potential to impact the propane industry at the local level. To date, NPGA has identified 200 municipalities across 26 states and the District of Columbia. When these actions are identified, NPGA’s State Affairs team coordinates with the applicable State Executive to determine the next course of action.

Activity at the municipal level can be difficult for individual member companies to monitor as it is fast paced and operates within the complex nature of individual municipalities, which is why NPGA invests bandwidth to monitor and engage on these efforts on behalf of members. Staying abreast of local activity in your states allows members to be in touch with the “on the ground” happenings of their communities. Combatting the “electrify everything” movement begins at the local level, through engagement with local officials and the community you serve.  For more information, please contact NPGA’s Manager of State Government Affairs, Austin Wicker.