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NPGA-Led Coalition Wins Round at ANSI

In a war that has been waged since at least 2015 against the ASHRAE 62.2 Committee over its attempt to ban the use of unvented heaters in ASHRAE 62.2-compliant buildings, an NPGA-led coalition has won an important battle at the highest levels of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The ANSI Appeals Board Decision released February 13th agrees with the appellants that actions taken not only by the 62.2 Committee and ASHRAE but also by the ANSI Executive Standards Council to dismiss concerns raised regarding the integrity and transparency of the standards development process were premature. The Appeals Board stated that a more thorough investigation into not only the procedural allegations but also the technical basis for the prohibition is warranted and directed the Executive Standards Council to schedule a hearing expeditiously to address all the concerns raised. Credit goes to Dave Delaquila of Aquila Consulting, who represents NPGA and leads the coalition that includes AGA and HPBA, among others.

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