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NPGA Fights Proposed Energy Star Changes

On May 18th, 2023, the EPA published a proposed change in the ENERGY STAR labelling program, where it would sunset the ENERGY STAR label for furnaces and central air conditioners. The proposal would allow the EPA to reject new certifications for gas furnaces and central air conditioners after December 30, 2023, and to sunset the label for gas furnaces and central air conditioners on December 30, 2024. NPGA is preparing a coordinated legislative and regulatory response, including meeting with aligned trade associations and other organizations, and developing a comment.

The draft comment focuses on the EPA’s failure to conduct notice and comment rulemaking, failure to present its analysis for scrutiny, failure to present its emissions analysis for study, the value of the label in educating consumers, and the importance of fuel choice and consumer preference. Further, NPGA will emphasize recent reports on grid reliability and strain, since the EPA’s efforts will serve to increase the burden on a grid that is already struggling to meet demand. For more information, please contact NPGA Vice President of Regulatory & Industry Affairs Ben Nussdorf.