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NPGA Affinity Program: P3 Propane Safety

P3 Propane Safety offers two programs to help NPGA members manage their compliance and duty to warn needs. See details here.

P3 Compliance System: The P3 Compliance System offers a safety documentation and compliance management system that includes Error-Recognition Technology.  This cloud-based system is a unique program that enables propane marketers to store, retrieve, and analyze important safety inspections for accuracy and completion, create critical management reports for cathodic inspections, DOT cylinder recalls, regulator replacements, NFPA 58 requirements, and much more. The available P3 Dashboard, Photo Review Process, and Mobile Safety Inspections tools are revolutionizing how marketers manage this important safety data. Check out their mobile app!

P3 Duty to Warn Program: The P3 Duty to Warn Program is a cost-effective turn-key process designed to provide propane marketers with a customized annual consumer safety mailing for their residential and commercial customers. Our comprehensive package includes all the cost associated with design, printing, inventory, and postage for your Duty to Warn communication. Marketers are also provided with a third party certificate of completion verification. This industry best practice provides protection for your customers, and can legally protect your business.

Contact Jerry Schimmel for more information at 401-481-2281 or [email protected].