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Now Available: Electric Reliability Data

As NPGA and states continue to battle policy-driven electrification efforts, it’s more important than ever that our industry better understands the reliability and resiliency deficiencies of centralized electricity production. Electrons produced at power plants reach consumers via a complex network of delivery infrastructure that is constantly facing a barrage of natural and manmade obstacles that often inhibit the timely delivery of energy.

Members can now access 2020 electric reliability data that contains the following information for each state:

  • How many minutes the average electric customer lost power for during the year
  • How many non-momentary power outages the average electric customer experienced during the year
  • The average duration of each non-momentary power outage that occurred during the year

This information is available under the Fight Electrification section on the Member Dashboard. For more information, please contact NPGA’s Jacob Peterson.