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North Carolina Protects Energy Choice

Last week, North Carolina became the 25th state to enact state-level protections for energy freedom and consumer choice. House Bill 130, which recently became law, prohibits a unit of local government, such as a city or county, from prohibiting or impeding access to the connection or reconnection of an energy source, including specifically propane. In addition, this bill also safeguards access for the installation and use of gas appliances, such as those used for space heating, water heating and cooking applications.

John Jessup, President and CEO of the Southeast Propane Alliance, has been working towards the enacted of energy choice in North Carolina since 2021. “It seemed odd at first to introduce a bill into the legislature to remind counties and local governments that they cannot ban the use of propane in their county or town. I am so glad the North Carolina Legislature saw the wisdom in the bipartisan passage of this important legislation into law that will protect consumers’ choices for propane and other energy in North Carolina. I also want to thank Representative Dean Arp, Senator Paul Newton, and our lobbyist, Jon Carr, for overcoming the veto in 2021 and getting this bill across the finish line this year,” Jessup said.

Based on the 2021 sales report, more than 44% of all propane gallons are sold in energy choice states. For more information, contact NPGA’s Director of State Affairs, Jacob Peterson.