NPGA Bobtail

NFPA Standards Progress

NFPA’s Motions Committee approved three submittals to modify NFPA 58 for consideration at the June Technical Session.  The submissions request an increase in the dispenser outlet pressure for public vehicle refueling dispensers to 350 psig. These requests were based on preliminary results of testing conducted at Southwest Research Institute and funded by PERC.

Two NPGA proposals were approved by the NFPA Technical Committee on LP-Gases at Utility Plants for revisions to NFPA 59. Both proposals were longtime goals of NPGA to address the requirements in NFPA 59 related to DOT (Part 192) regulated pipelines. The first proposal redefines “utility gas plant” to include only those pipeline systems that are operated by a natural gas pipeline operator. The other modification removes the mandatory container pressure relief valve periodic (5-year) testing requirement in favor of the relief valve manufacturer’s recommendations. These modifications are not final yet and may be challenged at the NFPA Technical Session on June 22. For more information, please contact Bruce Swiecicki.