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New PAC Chair

Bottom Line: NPGA welcomes Stephanie Hennen as the new PropanePAC Steering Committee Chair.  Hennen is leading the charge to get more members to be active with the PAC.

Earlier this month, Chad Kroening, long-serving Steering Committee Chair of the Propane Political Action Committee (PAC), introduced Stephanie Hennen as the new PropanePAC Chair.   Stephanie, Manager of Marketing at Lakes Gas, has been involved with NPGA since 2016 and has participated in many NPGA committees, including Women in Propane, Conventions Committee, PAC Steering Committee, and the Young Gassers.

As the new Propane PAC Steering Committee Chair, Stephanie has set a goal to increase the Propane PAC membership throughout NPGA while educating the 30 under 30 crowd about what the PAC can do for our industry. If you would like to participate in the PAC, please contact Kate Singleton, Manager of Political and Legislative Affairs.