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NCWM Initiates Study on Cylinder Tare Weights

Bottom Line: NCWM may visit some marketers’ facilities in February for a survey on tare weights of grill cylinders.

The National Conference on Weights and Measures is conducting a survey of tare weights on grill cylinders in order to determine the accuracy of marked tare weights. The survey will take place throughout February and will result in visits to marketers’ facilities in some states. The NPGA is aware of the survey and based on feedback from members, drafted a letter for distribution to state inspectors with the following requests:

In the interest of conducting a productive and efficient survey with the least amount of disruption to propane industry operations, we request that you keep the following points in mind:

  • There are many companies that provide cylinder refilling service and to obtain the most representative sampling, different companies should be contacted.
  • In order to maximize the efficiency of the data gathering process, inspectors should contact the company in advance to make an appointment for visiting the facility. This is very important and allows the company to prepare and possibly segregate cylinders prior to the visit.
  • While onsite, please respect the company’s operations and protocols. Working with the company representative while on site and adhering to all safety rules will result in a better experience for all concerned.

Please contact Bruce Swiecicki if you need further information or have been visited by a state weights and measures official and want to report on that event.