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Mild Winter Leads to Fewer Gallons

The Energy Information Agency recently released estimates for propane consumption during the 2022-23 heating season, which is October – March. The data show that LP consumption averaged only 0.98 million barrels per day, the lowest average daily amount since at least 2010. This was due, in part, to an overall warmer winter and fewer heating degree days, especially during the core of the heating season. Across the country, propane is the primary heating fuel in more than 6 million households.

While space heating is the bedrock for most residential and commercial accounts, it’s always important to educate customers about the availability and benefits of other propane applications as well, including those that are less dependent on outdoor temperatures, such as water heating, cooking, clothes drying, and power generation. To learn more about these applications, visit the For My Home and For My Business sections on PERC’s website.

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