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Marketers: You Can Tell Your Story

How do propane marketers overcome the challenges of electrification and decarbonization? The answer is simple, build the conversation around propane. It is easy to dislike something you do not know or understand. So spread the understanding. Tell your company’s story and spread the gospel of propane.  You, your sales staff, and other employees already tell your customers the story, and now it’s time to tell a bigger audience.

Speaking to a group is as easy as talking to your customers since every person in the room is a potential customer. PERC and NPGA have resources you can use to create a short presentation focusing on topics like ‘Why does propane matter?’ and ‘Why is propane an indispensable energy source?’ Speaking to organizations about propane will educate the public, officials, and leaders. You may even find a new customer.

Is someone in your company a member of a Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions Club, or another organization? Have you volunteered to talk about your company’s involvement in the community and the story of propane?  If not, find a local club by visiting their website, or ‘click’ on any of the links in this article. There are more opportunities to spread the word at local Home Builders Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Moose, Elks, and Eagle lodges too! For more information, please contact your state association, NPGA’s Eric Sears, or PERC.