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Join the Scholarship Committee!

You are invited to join the NPGF Scholarship Committee, now operating under a new governance structure with a five-person Board of Trustees. Our work is the same as it has always been, though: The NPGF Scholarship Committee provides oversight for the scholarship program, which annually awards 100+ scholarship to the children of NPGA member company employees.

Membership on the Committee is open to NPGA members and their families, and requires at least some in-person attendance at Committee meetings and events, always held in conjunction with other NPGA meetings. Perhaps more importantly, we also ask that members be willing and able to participate actively in one or more aspects of the Committee’s work of planning and executing fundraising activities and granting scholarships, some of which can be done remotely.

Interested in volunteering your time and talents on the NPGF Scholarship Committee? Contact the staff liaison, Maril Olson, at [email protected].