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Introducing the OPIS Carbon Offset NGL/LPG Index

Amidst growing concerns about carbon emissions, NGLs and LPG have emerged as cleaner energy alternatives. However, assessing the real cost of carbon-neutral NGLs has been a challenge – until now.

Enter the OPIS Carbon Offset NGL/LPG Index, a tool from OPIS (Oil Price Information Service) designed to bridge the knowledge gap surrounding renewable NGLs. This index relies on OPIS Spot Gas Liquids price assessments and core carbon credits evaluations, making it a great tool for understanding renewable fuel pricing with carbon credits involved. What sets this index apart is its daily reporting, providing real-time data on the environmental impact of NGLs and LPG. By incorporating carbon credit assessments, it offers a comprehensive view of their carbon neutrality, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions.

The OPIS Index will benefit producers, distributors, and environmentally-conscious consumers. It empowers stakeholders to choose cleaner energy options, propelling us towards a more sustainable energy future and providing an understanding of the market.

For those eager to stay ahead in the renewable NGLs market and understand the real cost of carbon-neutral options, daily reports are accessible by clicking here. You will need an OPIS account to access the report.

For more information on the report, please contact OPIS Customer Service at [email protected] or +1-301-966-7270.