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Gas Appliance Safety Proposal Considered at ICC Code Development Hearings

Bottom Line: The International Code Council held its Code Development hearings where NPGA introduced a new proposal to improve safety in gas appliances.

In late March, the International Code Council held its Code Development Hearings for Group B of the 2024 edition of the I-Codes, including the International Residential Code and International Existing Building Code (IEBC). NPGA introduced a proposal to the IEBC to require an evaluation of the combustion and ventilation air supply for Category I (gravity vented) appliances in buildings where modifications were made to the building envelope. The proposal was not accepted, although the code development committee expressed agreement with the intent to ensure safety for the operation of gas appliances after modification to the building envelope. NPGA will streamline the proposal and resubmit it during the comment period.

In addition, much attention was given to a proposal from ConEd, a utility service in New York, to require fuel gas detectors in every room where a fuel gas appliance was installed. NPGA and the natural gas industry opposed the proposal, and it was disapproved by the code development committee.

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